Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm effected a Church

This Church got heavily effected by a storm, that started at the roof into other parts of the Church. As you can see in this picture, it was quite the mess to clean up. We were there, fully ready to take on the situation. Be aware of storm situations that can cause these kinds of problems!

Winter isn't over!

Take a look outside, and you'll see that winter isn't over! It's slippery outside and pipes may start bursting. Be aware of what's going on in your building, whether it's at work or at your home! Winter is still coming and still effecting your every day life. If you notice there's issues developing from this snow/rain/slush mix, then you know who to call!

Storm damage outside a building

Sometimes rain and thunderstorms can cause these kinds of damage inside and outside your building. It's important to get in touch with us ASAP, like this customer. Once we get there, we can handle it all.

Storm damage in a basement

This customer was effected by a storm we had here in NYC. The basement took the brunt of the storm. We were able to salvage what we could in the basement.