Recent Before & After Photos

COVID-19 Cleaning of Assisted Living Facility

This Assisted Living Facility (one of many) located in NYC was affected with the coronavirus. We mobilized a crew which arrived onsite expeditiously in full PP... READ MORE

Redesigned Bathroom in NYC

Redesigned an outdated NYC apartment bathroom with a new layout, new fixtures and new tile work.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Manhattan

If your hotel, apartment building, small office building, large retail store, or restaurant in Manhattan experiences a water damage emergency, our crew can help... READ MORE

Mold in a closet

The closet in these pictures was heavily effected by mold. We had to put containment up in the rest of this house in order to keep it from getting infected as w... READ MORE

Ceiling affected by storm

Storms can cause many different types of damage on a home. In this case, a leak from the roof came in and effected the ceiling of the home. It caused us to have... READ MORE

Basement with mold

This basement in the house of a home, with tons of storage and other items, had mold that needed some serious remediation. As you can see in the pictures, it re... READ MORE

Smoke from fire in apartment

In this building, there was a fire that effected apartments that were levels above where the fire occurred. This often happens, where the smoke will linger into... READ MORE

Large commercial loss

We get asked often if we have enough workers and supplies to take on large commercial losses. And the answer is, YES! We can handle any job of any size. This pa... READ MORE

Water damage- removal of wood floor

Here we see a wood floor that was heavily effected by water damage, so it started to buckle. Once that happens we need to remove, and then order new flooring th... READ MORE

Fire damage- removal of ceiling

This house had a huge fire loss that destroyed most rooms. In the living room in these pictures, you can see how the ceiling was effected. Therefore, we had to ... READ MORE