Commercial Photo Gallery

Department store loss

This department store had a loss that also effected the wires seen in this picture. That can make things a bit more difficult, as we need to make sure the wires aren't effected by water. Losses like this one did effect business, but we dealt with it quickly and efficiently.

Roof leak caused ceiling damage

Wellness center

A storm came through the area, which resulted in roof damage for this Wellness Center. The damage caused a roof leak and the water intrusion soaked parts of the ceiling. Our crew contained the area, set up dehumidifiers and blowers and removed all the water damaged parts. The Wellness Center was able to stay open for business. 

Pharmacy loss

This pharmacy had a loss that effected a good portion of their ceiling. We were able to come in quickly and manage to fix the problem asap. Luckily, business was able to stay as usual and customers were able to go in and out of the pharmacy easily, equipment didn't affect them.

Bowling alley

They bowling alley just needed a general clean up of their carpeting area. Lucky for them, we were able to work during non business hours so that business wouldn't be affected. They were greatly that things were done quickly and efficiently.

Ozone car at dealership

Dealerships have a tendency to call us when they need to fully clean up a vehicle before they sell it. This is a picture of a car that we ozoned, and brought it back to brand new. Now the dealership can sell it for a better price, and the customer will go home happy.

It's a multi stage process in order to get the car back to brand new condition. Our crew knows exactly the steps to handle the deep cleaning of a vehicle. It takes technique and to be very precise in order to make sure it gets done properly. The crew has lots of training on how to handle it all, so that the customer and the dealership feel comfortable.

Toilet overflow

This commercial building had a toilet overflow, but that can happen in any building. Luckily it was just regular toilet water in this case, but at times there can be a sewage issue as well. This company had offices effected by the toilet overflow, as most people don't even know how to stop the overflow from continuing. We took care of the office areas and allowed for busy to be as normal as possible. We extracted the water quickly and left machines to dry down the area. Hopefully the toiler overflowing won't happen ever again, but those types of things are unpredictable.

Although this is considered a minor disaster, it still effects peoples lives. Therefore, we come in and make sure the effected area goes back to normal, quick and efficiently.