What our Customers say...


Thanks again, for turning around such a mess and for working with our insurance company. We appreciate your honesty and most of all the quality work that was done. Also want to thank you for being reliable and following through on your word. You and your team are wonderful. 

Getting anxious about reopening my business, and decided to call SERVPRO to schedule a thorough cleaning. I am so happy it's done and it looks and smells so clean. It's such a great feeling to know I am ready to open my doors, when NY announces it's safe to do so. Thank you again, for doing a great job.  

I'm very impressed with the job these guys did with a mold issue I had in my home. They were right on it the same day I called, how's that for great service! These days it's hard to find someone to do quality work and it's very appreciated when you do find it. Tom and his crew are dependable and trustworthy. 

I had water stains in the ceiling in my bathroom and called to see if they could send someone right away. Tom was at my house a few hrs later to give me an estimate. They got me on the schedule the next day and took care of everything. I felt very comfortable with Tom, he walked me through the process so I understood what needed to be done. The office worked with my insurance too, so I'm a satisfied customer. 

They showed up fast and did a good job!  

Thank you for giving me peace of mind, I feel so much better now that my business has been professionally cleaned. 

Crew did a great job! Impressed with how fast they showed up and the price was reasonable. Definitely recommend. 

I noticed paint bubbling up in my bathroom and mold was starting on the wall. I called and they were able to have someone come the same day. Mario and Tom arrived within a few hours and set up dehumidifiers to start drying up the moisture. They found a pipe leaking inside the bathroom wall and repaired it, replaced the sheet rock and took care of all the mold. They put up plastic to contain the mold spores and dust while they worked. They were professional and did an awesome job, the bathroom looks great. I will definitely be using these guys in the future, if I ever need any of the services they provide. 

I'm not one to write reviews, but Tom, Mario and Claudio, deserve to be acknowledged and formally thanked for the exceptional service they provided. We've been noticing a musty odor in our home for months and had a restoration company come twice, but they never resolved where the odor was coming from. We decided to give SERVPRO a try, and these guys got to the bottom of it. The musty odor is gone and we are finally breathing clean air again. 

I had smoke damage in my home, caused by a fire that started in my kitchen. I was unsure who to call and a coworker recommended SERVPRO of Upper East Side, he assured me I'd be in good hands. They were able to accommodate me with an appointment time that worked with my schedule. They arrived on time and did an outstanding job. 

We had a pipe burst and needed emergency service asap. We called SERVPRO of Upper East Side and spoke with Janine, she was knowledgeable and knew the urgency of the situation. She acted promptly and was able to get the owner, Tom to come to our home the same day. While Tom was answering all my questions and concerns, his crew arrived with their equipment ready to work. The guys did a very professional job and kept me informed from start to finish. Nice to know I have someone I can depend on going forward if I ever need their services. To Tom and his crew, thank you for a job well done!

Never realized that if my store had an issue, it was so easy to get this company to come out and deal with my commercial needs. I own several stores in Manhattan and I hope I won't need to call them again, but if I do, thank god I know I can count on them.

You know it's not every day you find a company you can trust to be at your establishment, even when clients and customers are there. But great professionalism.


HELLO. Mold smells gross and looks gross. What would we have done without SERVPRO!!!! The best there is!! Appreciate the effort of Paul and the crew. Awesome!!! Professional!!!

I have a new born baby and the mold situation was horrible!

Thank you again SERVPRO!!!

Hello, we do tons of business with all our commercial buildings with this company and there is actually no one better than them. I put full trust in their crews and the knowledge that they have.

Didn't realize snow could cause such issues. Want to thank the team for their efficiency in my time of need. My family is forever grateful. 

Can't wait for spring! :)

WATER WAS EVERYWHERE! It was horrible and horrendous. Thank you again for cleaning it all up.

I just want to say THANK YOU to the crew and people at this company! Came immediately and done quickly. I hope we won't have any further issues, but I'd definitely call them if we needed help. They came highly recommended. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!

Recently I used SERVPRO to do a thorough cleaning of my apartment and it was wonderful that Pablo Vera was the manager of the team. He was fabulous.

Then I called SERVPRO again to come on Saturday the 28th to have assistance getting my apartment back together and carry heavy bags. Again, excellent Pablo Vera was the leader of the duo and his co-worker was also very good-- Mario Leyton. I very much appreciate the caliber of these two men.

Please tell Pablo and Mario of my appreciation.

Many thanks,

Alice Allen

I was more than pleased with the job SERVPRO of Upper East Side perform. I was impressed since day one till the last day be completed the job. I am recommending them to all of my colleagues. Exceptional, A+ 

SERVPRO saves the day again! I can always count on the amazing job and professionalism these gentlemen show.

This Snow Storm this past week was very inconvenient to my business. Couldn’t thank SERVPRO enough. Exceptional Job.

After a bad week of Rain in NYC, I suffered really bad damage to my bedroom because of this storm, luckily SERVPRO was able to come in save some of my furniture and restore them to great quality condition. 

I have to thank these entire group of guys, they are a great bunch of guys to work with. From Crew Chief to the Marketing Manager who would come in to check in and see how I was doing and very attentive. Very Professional.

SERVPRO was very professional, and prompt. The level of service was exceptional and I couldn't ask for anything more.

SERVPRO of Upper EastSide are an efficient group of guys. I use them regularly for general cleanup and other services. Chris was also able to come in and presented me with a SERVPRO Ready Plan application. With this app, it allows me to keep track of all of my important details and contact information. 

Cannot say enough good things about SERVPRO of Upper EastSide.  They do a great job and really care about their clients!  They're worth every penny ... for how professional, responsive and ethical they are. Knowing what I know about mold now, I feel so lucky that I found them!  Everybody I've dealt with is great ... Tom, Pablo, Mario. Pablo takes the prize by patiently addressing every concern and question with his expertise and by making you feel that his company really cares. They just try to do the right thing every step of the way.  Cannot recommend them enough!

Thanks Guys!

Tom was knowledgeable and walked me through lots of information regarding mold and things to look out for before, during and after the remediation. Tom and his crew were A+ throughout the entire process.

Never used SERVPRO before today, but got word from an old co-worker of my who used their services before and got their number from a Facebook Ad. Must say, I was impressed. SERVPRO did a really good job.

After a huge fire, SERVPRO took care of everything from start to finish for us. They did the job in a couple of days and I couldn't be anymore pleased with their performance. 

After being away from my business for a few days, I suffered a big water leaked and mold began to grow. With no ventilation and these hot and humid New York City summer made it worse. I was able to count on SERVPRO to come in and take care of it. 

I've used for the 3rd time this year for water related issues and I never have anything bad to say about them. Great Group of guys and I never have to oversee their work. SERVPRO is very efficient and professional group of guys. I know I can always count on them no matter the day or time. 

After an unfortunate incident, I had a gentleman from SERVPRO show up and walked me through what his company can do for me in terms of the fire cleanup and what SERVPRO was able to salvage from the fire. I couldn't thank him nor the crew enough for doing such a wonderful job. 

Fast, Prompt, professional, caring, polite not sure what other words to use. Thanks to Pablo who was the crew chief. Thank you.

Working with Tom is always a pleasure. I have known Tom for years and he’s the go to guy. He did my vacation house in Long Island a few years back after Hurricane Sandy destroyed it and I was amazed at the great job him and crew did for me. 

SERVPRO is my preferred vendor for all of my cleanup and restoration purposes. Working with Chris and Ashley is always a delight. Polite and Professional is best way for me to describe these guys.

A+ service all the time. I’ve called SERVPRO a few times as well as my neighbors and this was the first time I used them for my business in the city. Impressive as usual. I know that anytime I use SERVPRO, I know I’m in great hands. 

My Bar suffered an Electrical fire a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t think I would be able to have it up and running for St. Patrick’s Day. SERVPRO assured me that they would try their best to get it ready. And they did. Couldn’t ask for anything else. 

I suffered a terrible water leak that destroyed most of my inventory. I was able to work with my insurance company and she recommended SERVPRO. Never heard of SERVPRO until today and it was the best kept secret. Chris and SERVPRO were able to give me a great and fair quote on the damages compare to other companies. 

SERVPRO was very attentive and really helped me restore my business back to how it was before. Not only were they able to clean up everything, but they were able to restore my fixtures. I couldn’t think of anyway to thank them. The crew was also amazing to work with. Funny/entertaining/ and Hard Working group of guys. They did a wonderful job. 

I am very Grateful.

They were able to get me back in business in no time.


SERVPRO always comes in the Clutch. I’ve never been disappointed. Great Customer service, I deal with Ashley and Nicole all the time and they are very helpful. Such great ladies to deal with. They really care about their clients.

I even received a Christmas card from them. This is a company that really cares about satisfying their customers and leaving and everlasting impression. 

Kudos to SERVPRO for always delivering First Class service. 

Tom is a fantastic guy. Love doing business with him. Stand up guy and really cares about his clientele. Im always satisfied with the service that I get from service. I tell all of my associates about how great SERVPRO is. 

A+ Service. SERVPRO never disappoints. They come in and know exactly what to do once they come in. You can always rely that they will get the job. 

Had a water pipe burst in my apt while I was away on business and ruined everything. Not only did the water damage everything, but because I was away for such a long time, Mold became a huge problem. SERVPRO came in and took care of it. They were Fantastic. They were also able to salvage most of my furniture that I thought was ruined. I have such High Praises for SERVPRO. I couldn't imagine what I would of done without their help. Their business motto Like It Never Happened is nothing short of TRUTH.

I use SERVPRO very frequent for general cleaning and I love them. I'm always impressed with their level of professionalism and service. I know I can always count on them.

I was referred to SERVPRO by a Coworker after she used their services to clear her property of debris after a bad thunderstorm. Best Advice I ever received. They were Prompt and gave me a great price quote. Very easy to deal with. They can have my business anytime. 

Called SERVPRO in the morning and they were able to send a crew within the 2 hours that I called. Amazing, Super fast, and Professional. They were able to come in right away and clean up. Great communication, Great Service. I Highly Recommend SERVPRO to anyone. You will not regret it.

SERVPRO were able to come in and do an exceptional job cleaning up after a small fire had a occur a few days before business luncheon. SERVPRO Upper East Side and crew are the real MVPs. Thanks a Million

Never Fails to call SERVPRO. I use them on regular basis for basic floor and rug cleaning. Great level of professionalism. Great group of guys. 

SERVPRO of Upper East Side were able to arrive on the same day. I was very pleased on how efficient and professional they were. They immediately placed fans to dry my walls and floor after suffering a Huge water leak from the floor above me. This was my time using SERVPRO, and i'm glad I did. A+++++ Service.