Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling affected by storm

Storms can cause many different types of damage on a home. In this case, a leak from the roof came in and effected the ceiling of the home. It caused us to have... READ MORE

Wood floor after storm damage

This water loss occurred due to a storm, and it effected the wood flooring of this building, but luckily we were able to salvage it. As you can see in the first... READ MORE

Basement storage after a storm

This family found their boxes of storage and personal items destroyed after a storm came through, and the rain hit the basement hard. They were so upset, but we... READ MORE

Storm damage in basement closet

As we previously mentioned, basements are very susceptible to any storm damage. This is another example of how the storm came in, did it's thing, and the custom... READ MORE

Storm cleanup in a large basement area

Large basement areas of buildings can be the target of storms very often. Luckily we are ready to handle any large area, and any damage, at any time! This area ... READ MORE

Storm outside a daycare center

Storms can cause all types of issues. In the case of this daycare center, they had an issue with the fencing in the playground area after a storm. They called u... READ MORE